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( CALL FOR DETAILS -   including New KVM Matrix, Digital Video and AV Solutions )

Smart-e Featured Categories

KVM Extenders

- Boost kit & add more users (4K-HDBT-RX)

KVM 4k Connect

- SModular 4K solutions (4K-HD Range)



Analogue Video Products

Matrix Switchers


- Multi Format, Multi Video Matrix and Audio + RS232  Switching


Cat5-8 AV Extenders

- Devices


Multi-output Cat5/8 Splitters

- 4Konnect Range 4K Compatible



711 Compact Cat5/8

- AV Extenders

Smart - AVI Products

KVM Extenders

- SDX Range DVI-D & USB

KVM Extenders (4K-TX)

HDX Range

- HDMI Extender  

HDMI Multi Screen Viewer Combiner

- 4K compatible Smart-e AV matrix switch with HDMI

Wall plate transmitter and receiver pair

- SDS Range




 Cat5/8 Receivers- HDMI

- 4K-RX900 100m Receiver for HDMI

Cat5/8 TX/RX Pairs-HDMI

- 4K-900 100m Transmitter/Receiver

- SDS-900/901

HDMI Splitters

- 4Konnect Ranges


HDMI Switches

- 4Konnect Range 4K Compatible



Specialist in KVM Equipment / Matrix System / AV Technologies

Smart-e design and manufacture high quality audio and video switching and distribution equipment. Our innovative technology is used in a wide range of environments, such as corporate, educational, residential, leisure, marine, training, security, surveillance and digital signage. Smart-e solutions are cost effective, reliable and adaptable. Mediatron Ltd are officially UK Authorised suppliers of Smart-e products and our Smart-e products are warranted for sale and use in the UK, warranties fully supported by Smart-e. Please check the warranty status of low cost imports which may have warranty issues, for details contact Smart-e.