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CONV-DSP-SVGA - DisplayPort to SVGA Converter/Adaptor

Digital Video Signal (DisplayPort) to Analogue (SVGA)

DisplayPort is a 20 pin connector similar to HDMI but designed to replace DVI/VGA. The standard was put forward by VESA to define a new royalty free audio/video connection.

Our DisplayPort to VGA adapters are the perfect solution for adapting your DisplayPort computer or graphics card to use a VGA monitor/device. Due to restrictions of VGA this adapter cannot carry audio.

- Plug and play capabilities
- Supports 8-bit and 10-bit deep colour
- Converts from DisplayPort signal to VGA signal

- DisplayPort v1.1 Compliant
- Cable length: 150mm
- Supports video bandwidth up to 10.8Gbps
- Supports greater than QXGA (2048 x 1536) resolutions at 24-bit colour depths
- Compliant with existing VESA and Consumer Electronics Association standards
- Supports up to and including 1080p at 24bpp, 50/60hz at a maximum cable length of 15 metres