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SmartAVI, Inc. is a world-leading innovator of digital signage and HD audio-video technologies based in North Hollywood, California. SmartAVI is internationally known for its aggressively-priced, high-quality signal management solutions. System architects world-wide have come to rely on SmartAVI’s innovative technologies and commitment to the highest standards in AV solutions. Users that have embraced SmartAVI’s expertise include: NASA, Boeing, DreamWorks Studios, Johnson & Johnson, the United States Army, Procter & Gamble Company, Adobe Systems Incorporated, Lockheed Martin, Monte Carlo Resort, The Walt Disney Company, and Miller Brewing Company.

Video Extenders and Splitters

HDMI Extenders & Transmitters


HDX Range ( Single CAT6 )

CAT6 Splitter with HDMI Input/Outputs

HDMI Splitters & Transmitters


HDX-400 ( innovative solution )

CAT6 Splitter with HDMI Input/Outputs

HD video wall processor & matrix switch


MXWall-LT-S (4 - 8 HDMI)

HDBaseT DVI-D KVM Extenders


Capable of sending DVI-D signal upto 400 ft

Extender Pair | Receiver | Transmitter


Video Switches

Video switch (AV)


Full HD 1080p multi format presentation swticher ( V2V-Max )

HD Video DVI-D Switches


 Ports Required: 2  /  4  /  8  /  16 

Matrix Switches

HDMI Matrix Switch


Smart-AVI HDR 4 x 4 / 8 x 8 / 16 x 16

HDMV 4 Port HD Multiviewer Real-Time Switch/Share


4 Port Full HD Multiviewer Real-Time Switch/Sharer

Transparent USB Matrix Switch


MU88-S (8X8)

HDMI/USB Matrix switch 4K


MXU88-S (8X8)

4K HDMI Matrix Switch


MXU-88-S PLUS (8x8)


AV HD CAT5 Matrix Router


HDTV VGA Router (8×8)

KVM Switches

Quad-head KVM Switches


4QUAD KVM Switches: dedicated multi-platform, High Resolution Switches




4K ULTRA HD - Duo or Quad-Head HDMI (4K/60Hz) Ultra-HD KVM switch with USB 2.0 and audio support



- DVI-I Dual / DP-DP / DP-HDMI

Secure KMs (IPGUARD)


4 Port / 8 Port

Other Smart AVI Products

Digital Signage Player



Touchscreen Controller with Android OS Platform ( 7" )



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DVI-I & HDMI Video Wall Controller 4K


More about Smart-AVI

SmartAVI drives for top-quality AV solutions that offer the convenient, ground-breaking results our customers need to get ahead in today’s digitizing world. There products are designed, manufactured, and tested in the USA by professional engineers, and each is built to best for customer’s needs.

SmartAVI designs and manufactures all of its AV solutions in the USA. Digital signage and video wall product have been used in schools, restaurants, retail stores, police stations, hospitals, hotels, airports, corporate offices, and more. KVM and fiber optic solutions are popular, secure management solutions with government, military, and private sector industries like entertainment and tech. Every SmartAVI product is certified, high-quality, and comes with our one-year warranty.