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ALIF2122R ALIF2122R - ADDER - ADDERLink® INFINITY: Dual-head DisplayPort Receiver, KVM Extender, USB2.0 over 1GbE IP network (DisplayPort KVM Receiver)


ALIF2122T ALIF2122T - ADDER - ADDERLink® INFINITY: Dual-head DisplayPort Transmitter, KVM Extender, USB2.0 over 1GbE IP network (DisplayPort KVM Transmitter)


ALIF2124T ALIF2124T - ADDER - ADDERLink® INFINITY: Dual-head HDMI Transmitter, KVM Extender, USB2.0 over 1GbE IP network (HDMI KVM Transmitter)


ADR-AVS-1124 AVS-1124 - ADDERView AVS - Secure Multi-Viewer HDMI User, 4xDVI-D Port computers KVM Sharer, DVI-D, USB-B & Audio, NIAP PP 4.0, AVS1124 (Secure Sharer) *NEW*


CCS-MV4228 CCS-MV4228 - Multi-Viewer, 4K KVM, Hybrid DisplayPort & HDMI, ADDERView CCS, HDMI KVM, DisplayPort KVM *NEW*


CM1284 CM1284 - ATEN - 4 Port USB 4K HDMI Multi-View KVMP™ Switch


DVI-3571a DVI-3571a - DVIGear - Universal Presentation Switcher / Scaler, Supporting HDTV 1080p, (8) Video inputs: Including HDMI/DVI, RGB/VGA


DVI-3580a DVI-3580a - DVIGear - 4K MultiViewer Switcher / Scaler, Supporting 4K@60p, seamless switching, upto 3840x2160


RE-QV-4KVMDVI-QF QV-4KVMDVI-QF - Rose - QuadraVista QF - Multiviewer - '1X4' 4 HDMI/DVI/VGA Inputs + Digital Audio Audio from HDMI Full PIP and WIN display modes (USB 2.0)


QV-4x1HM-4K60 QV-4x1HM-4K60 - Rose - QuadraVista HDMI 4K60 Multiviewer, 4 Port - Quad Video Switch, 1920×1080@60Hz *NEW*


RE-QV-4KVMDVI-2 Rose QV-4KVMDVI-2 QuadraVista, Quad Video KVM Multiviewer Switch, 1 KVM User with 1 screen showing 4 video's from 4 CPUs DVI/VGA ( Quadra Vista - QuadraView) DVI/VGA - USB 2.0 ( DVI Multiviewer )


RE-QV-4KVMHDMI Rose QV-4KVMHDMI Rose QuadraVista HDMI , Quad Video KVM Multiviewer Switch,1x4 KVM switch with Quad Screen HDMI, PIP and Full screen modes shown on 1 screen ( Quadra Vista HDMI Multiviewer )


HDMV-KM SmartAVI - SM-HDMV-KM - 4 Port Full HD Multiviewer Real-Time Switch/Sharer. 4-Port HDMI, Stereo Audio, USB 2.0/1.1, RS-232, Multiviewer/Switch with PiP/Quad/Full mode 'HDMVplus'


SM-HDMV-PLUS SmartAVI SM-HDMV-PLUS 4 Port HDMI, USB Real-Time Multiviewer and KVM switch with PiP/Quad/Full modes