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Rose Products

Trade Distributor for Rose Electronics











Trade Distributor for Rose Electronics in the UK.

We carry a wide range of the Rose products, others are available as BTO to almost any size and configuration

- Please call us to discuss the best devices with our product specialists, see just some of the solution and ranges below...


Rose KVM Multi User Matrix Multi User KVM Systems ( UTP & Fibre )


Orion X - Series

Expandable KVM Switch CATX/Fibre 48-288 Ports

1-287 user/ 1-287 Computer

Orion X Range

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Orion XC

Compact Switch CatX or Fibre 8-80 Port

1-79 user/ 1-79 Computer

Orion XC Range

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8-16 KVM Switch - DVI / CatX / Fibre

8-16 User / 8-32 Computers

Orion Range

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1-16 User KVM Switch - VGA / CatX

4 - 16 User / 16 - 64 Computers

Xtensys Range

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Rose Industrial KVM VGA Coax Matrix Switch systems

UltraMatrix E - Series

2-4 User KVM Switch -VGA

UltraMatrix EP2 Range

UltraMatrix EE2 Range

UltraMatrix EP4 Range

UltraMatrix EE4 Range

UltraMatrix X- Series

4-16 User KVM Switch - VGA



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Rose Single User KVM Switches

Rose Vista KVM Switch -Single PS2 User

Desk top or rack mountable entry level high quality industrial build KVM Switches



2 Port Mini Vista

4 Port Desk M Chassis  

4 & 8 Port L-Chassis 19 "


Rose Vista DVI Plus KVM Switch

2K Video resolution up to 2048 x 1080 WQXGA video resolution up to 2560 x1600

DVI Dual link/ USB 2.0 / Sterio Audio



Ultraview Pro KVM Switch - Scalable Single user


PC Platform Models M-Chassis 1U

PC Platform Models B-Chassis 1U 

PC Platform Models C-Chassis 2U

Multiplatform Models M-Chassis 1U

Multiplatform Models B-Chassis 1U

Multiplatform Models C-Chassis 2U



Ultraconsole KVM & Serial Switch (Multiplatform)

Single User


User Local only

User Remote IP & Local




MultiVideo KVM Switches

Single User KVM Switch Multi Video Head VGA/USB/PS2

Dual Video M Chassis

Dual Video B Chassis

Quad Video C Chassis



MultiVideo DVI KVM Switches


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ServeView Pro


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Vista Mini


PS2 VGA User

Resolution 1920 X 1440

Models Supporting PC, UNIX, USB, & AUDIO

VISTA Mini Range



Rose Accessories

Rose Ultra Cables

Rose ultra cables for D25 Port KVM Switches



Rose Converters (Uniport  User Adaptors)

Signal PS2-USB Convertors


Rose KVM Extenders

Rose CrystalView UTP KVM Extenders: 



UTP - CrystalView Extenders Range


Rose CrystalView Fiber KVM Extenders


VGA / DVI / USB / Audio

Fibre - CrystalView Pro Fiber Range DVI

ViewLink Mini Extenders


VGA / PS2 / Audio / Serial

UTP - ViewLink Extenders Range


Rose CrystalView Chassis Extender Transmitters


VGA / DVI / USB / Audio

Extender Multi Chassis

Rose CrystalView USB KVM Extenders:


USB 2.0 (CATx / HDMI Extender)

USB 3.0 (Fibre Extender)

Rose CrystalView Multi-head CATx KVM Extenders:


DVI / USB 2.0 / Audio 

Dual DVID / USB (CATx Extender)



Rose Video Extenders and Splitters

Video DVI Splitter

Video output to multiple screens


Rack Mount Video Splitter

19 " Multisender units


Rose UTP Video Splitters



Rose Combiners:  Multiple video to single screen KVM Switch


( Unique 4 Computer images viewed on 1 Screen)

Rose QuadraVista

QuadraVista Mini

hdmi Mini



Rose KVM Sharers

KVM Sharer box units

Multi user to single PC


Rose KVM Sharer Devices

Class View - Sharer and Training System

Special offer prices on for different brands, including manufacturer clearance

Rose ClassView ( Training system )



Rose IP KVM Switches

UltraLink Devices

KVM IP Access routes

Ultralink  (IP Access to KVM)

UltraView Remote KVM Switches

Single User IP Access KVM Switches

UltraView Remote units


UltraMatrix Remote 2


Ip Access Multi User

Multi User KVM Switches

Ultramatrix Remote

UltraLink II


Web browser based kvm Access Over IP, Single access unit



Rose Console Drawer and Rack Screens

KVM Console Drawers

Rack mount access and control point


Rose KVM Console Drawer Ranges: RackView

KVM Rack Screens

- 15" Models

- 17" Models

- 19" Models