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PDU eXpert UK Ltd is a proven innovator of power manufacturing and power management solutions, with all in one IP PDU solutions for data centers of all sizes. As well as being the leading provider of Intelligent PDU solutions, we offer bespoke Intelligent PDU (monitored, switched and per outlet monitoring) and basic PDU in EMEA regions.

PDUeX New Products

KWX High Density 2 Row 48 Port PDU's


48 Ports

78 Ports

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3 Phase 3 Colour marked PDU's

Special Phase colour coding making load balancing easier at a glance

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KWX Range PDU 

IP Access Network intelligent PDU's...

KWX N4 Range - Outlet Switching and Outlet Level Monitoring



Function Models


KWX N3 Range - Outlet Switching Bar Level Monitoing



Function Models

KWX N1 Range - Bar Level Monitoring Only




Function Models




KWX N2 Range - Outlet Level Monitoring Only




Function Models


Auto Transfer switching 8-12ms

KWX  ATS Units


KWX Models


KWX Custom Build



KWX Alternatives and Accessories

KWX - Inline Monitoring

C13, C19 or 309IND


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KWX Sensors







Rack Accssories

Custom AIR FLOW 

Inrack Fan Trays

Multi Air Direction




KWX Custom Adaptors and Splitters


Special Configurations

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More on PDU Expert


Our all in one PDU solutions help improve energy efficiency and increase productivity.

PDU eXpert all in one KWX Intelligent PDU solutions combine network power distribution and environmental monitoring technology,

PDU expert achieves this aim through growing our skills as specialists in the design of our PDUs, so we are better able to offer customised products to all business based around their needs..