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Mcab: User Access Control

Mcab: Rack Access Management 

Secure Locking Handles

Mcab's secure access locking handles are easily installed onto almost any cabinet door. They are available with remote access via software, SmartCard and Pin Code or SmartCard and Fingerprint (Biometric).

Enline System

This system is compatible with all S-Lock Mcab handles but is primarily designed for the standard remote access model (MCB-SLOCK-H001).

Bus System

The Bus System is an access control system, that saves costs by eliminating the need for a controller, network point & power supply.

Control Box

The Control box is is a Sentry access control solution, which delivers physical access control to mission critical IT server cabinets.

RFID Card & Card Reader

The RFID Card Reader capable of signing and managing RFID SmartCards, these allow secure rack assess to the user with credentials.

Contact Closures

Contacts to allow automated locking after the rack handle has been opened monetarily as well as locking immediately after clsoing the door.

Management Software

The DAS Server Client software system allows the user to remotely access, control and monitor rack level security via the contact closures connection to the intelligent S-lock locking handles which relay to the bus system.


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Cabinet delivery and support services.

Please note cabinets are large heavy items but classed as semi fragile due to their size and the posibility of damage in moving. Transportation is expensive due the item size and weights so generally these products are classed as not returnable without the costs being passed to the client.

Full delivery costs may be part hidden as sometimes build in or subsidised by the initial item sale price therefore any cancellation once goods are in transit may result in those full delivery charges and costs to be invoiced to you to cover this. If customers refuse any delivery they may have to pay the additional charges for the delivery attempts and or second delivery as this is a specialist service.  Missing parts or damages must be reported asap and then some action can be taken to possible repair or change parts, this will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Please understand the need to be responsible and reasonable in this understanding when ording such large or heavy products.

Unloading or loading these products incorrectly may damage these products so only specialist carrieres are used to handle this type of product. 

These items shall be delivered to door unless otherwise arranged and on pallet or possibly then onto the travelling casters, eitherway some trained manual handling may be required by the reciever.