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Rose QV-4KVMDVI-2 QuadraVista, Quad Video KVM Multiviewer Switch, 1 KVM User with 1 screen showing 4 video's from 4 CPUs
DVI/VGA ( Quadra Vista - QuadraView) DVI/VGA - USB 2.0 ( DVI Multiviewer )

Rose QuadraVista2 front and rear views

QuadraVista 2 , QuadraView™ ( QuadraVista 2)
Quad Video KVM Switch DVI/VGA 4Port

The QuadraVista 2 professional Quad Video KVM Switch represents the latest in KVM video splitting technology at affordable prices. The QuadraVista 2 allows a user to connect to, control, and display four computers on a single monitor or access a KVM switch to connect multiple computers. The advanced design of the QuadraVista 2 provides four viewing modes: Quad Screen, Dual screen, Picture-in-Picture (PiP) and Full Screen. Control of a selected computer can be done while in any of the three modes. View four computers in the quad screen mode and control any one of them while monitoring, in real time, the other three computers. In the PiP mode you can view one display on a full screen while monitoring smaller displays of the other three computers. The on-screen menus make configuring, monitoring, and computer and USB switching quick and easy. An On-Screen display can be opened to identify the active window. The QuadraVista 2 supports all combinations of both VGA and single link DVI video cards and monitors. Each CPU port can be configured for VGA or DVI (analog or digital) and QuadraVista 2 can process these signals simultaneously. The video can be viewed on a digital or analog monitor. Connect a touch-screen monitor and operate, and control the connected computers. Add a USB device and connect it to any of the computers. Be more productive, organized and efficient with the dynamic, new QuadraVista 2, Quad video KVM Switch, from Rose Electronics

View and control 4 Computers on a single monitor, or cascade and see 16.

View live, real-time data in each window
Easily switch to and control each computer in Quad or Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode plus full screen.

- Four view modes available: Single, Dual, Quad, and PiP modes.
- Monitor and operate the connected computers using a touch-screen monitor
- Connects to four computers making each video source viewable and controllable on a single monitor
- Quad mode displays four computers on one screen
- PiP mode displays one computer display full screen with three thumbnail displays - Dual mode displays the left half of two channels
- Easy-Find active window feature
- Connect up to 4 USB 2.0 devices and connect one device to any computer
- On-screen menus for easy set-up, configuration, and use. Crisp, clear, high quality video
- Video resolution up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz for DVI video and 1600 x 1200 @ 60hz for VGA video.
- Keyboard commands and front panel controls for changing display modes
- Switch to and control any of the four screens while monitoring the other three connections in real time.
- VGA and single link DVI video support
- Supports USB computers, PS/2 computers, including SUN and MAC
- Connect to KVM switches to view and control multiple computers, routers, Ethernet switches or other devices
- Deploy with Rose CrystalView Fiber Extenders to view and control computers up to six miles away
- Rack mount kits available in 19”, 23”, and 24” sizes
- Quick and simple to install
- Free Technical Support
- Flash memory technology allows for fast and reliable upgrades.

Models - The QuadraVista 2 Quad Video KVM Switch is available in a single-user, four computer model. Adding KVM switches to it can expand the system to 1,000s of computers and serial devices.
Cables - Cable connections on the QuadraVista 2 to the user station are USB for the keyboard and mouse, and DVI for the video. Connections to the computers are USB or PS/2 for the keyboard and mouse and DVI for the video. Installation QuadraVista 2 is easy to install. Simply connect up to four computers and a user station to the QuadraVista 2 ports. Access the on-screen menu with a simple keystroke, configure each computer connection for VGA or DVI and save it in flash memory.
Operation - QuadraVista 2 is very easy to operate. Once installed, you can switch full screen to any of the four connected computers and fully control that computer from your user station. Switch to a connected computer using the front panel pushbuttons or using simple keyboard commands. Switch to the Quad screen mode and view the four computers on one screen. You can fully control one of the four computers while viewing the other three in real time. Each USB port (1-4) can be easily routed to any or all computers.
Video - The QuadraVista 2 will automatically determine the video resolution of the KVM video monitor and each of the four connected computer’s video. Video input formats that are supported range from 640 x 350 @ 85Hz to 1900 x 1200 @ 60Hz. Video output formats that are supported range from 640 x 480 @ 85Hz to 1900 x 1200 @ 60 Hz and SUN 1152 x 960 @ 66Hz

Keyboard and Mouse - The QuadraVista 2 uses a USB keyboard and mouse on the user side and either a USB or PS/2 keyboard and mouse for each computer connection.

Flash Memory - To support the latest devices, QuadraVista 2 contains flash memory. We provide free, lifetime firmware upgrades, available from our FTP site.
On-screen Menu - The on-screen menu allows you to access the intuitive interface to set-up the system, console, and computers. The system configuration defines the Hot Keys, the menu position, and reset to factory default settings. The computer menu allows you to manually configure the video input and output format, horizontal screen position, and VGA/DVI connection. A help menu is available which shows a list of the keyboard commands, firmware and hardware revision levels and contact information.
Rack Mount - Rack mount kits are available to mount the QuadraVista 2 in a standard 19”, 23”, of 24” rack.
Part number - Model CPU ports USB 2.0 ports
QV-4KVMDVI-2 4 4
RM-QVxx Rackmount kit (xx= 19”, 23”, or 24”)

Rose Quadview typical set up

Screens showing the 4 computer screens as quarters on to one monitor.

Display four computers simultaneously on a single monitor

Dimensions 17.2W x 9.15D x 1.75H (in)
436.9W x 232.4D x 44H (mm)

Weight 6.1lbs / 2.77kg

Connectors Power – IEC320
CPUs – DVI, PS/2 or USB
4 USB 2.0 Type A ports
User station – DVI, USB
RS232 – RJ12 (6-pin)

Power 90 – 240 VAC, auto-switching
40 Watts

Resolution Up to 1900 x 1200 @ 60 Hz (DVI
1600 x 1200 @ 60 Hz (VGA)

Controls Power on/off switch, port selector
Single/Quad/PIP mode

Indicators Chassis Power, CPU select

Chassis Electro-galvanized steel, black powder
coated (Top cover)

Environmental 0°C – 45°C / 0% –80% RH non-condensing

Approvals CE