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DSAM-4 - Raritan - 4 port Dominion Serial Access Module with true serial access to 4x serial devices, Zero-U device that connects to KX III via USB

DSAM 4port version pictured

The Dominion Serial Access Modules (DSAM) allow users to connect serial devices with Java-free user access from the Dominion KX III, KVM-over-IP switch. The 2 and 4 port DSAM modules connect to the Dominion KX III switch’s USB ports. They provide “true serial access” with copy and paste capability for up to 8 simultaneous connections to serial devices like LAN switches, routers and Linux/Unix servers.

The DSAMs are simple and easy to deploy. They do not require power from devices, do not use KVM ports or sessions and do not require rollover cables, power adaptors or rack space. They are a perfect solution when Serial-over-IP access is needed for up to 8 network switches or Unix/Linux servers near a KX III switch.


- Auto DTE/DCE detection
- Java-Free HTML Access
- Up to 230,400 baud
- SSH Client, putty use
- Up to 8 ports per Dominion KX III
- Up to 8 serial sessions per Dominion KX III
- Remote power control with Raritan PX iPDU


- Zero U Mounting
- Connect via USB to Dominion KX III
- Powered from the Dominion KX III
- No Rollover Cables
- Auto DTE/DCE detect


- KX III ports not used
- IP sessions not used
- Does not require power from
serial device or adapter

Possible setup with - DSAM 4port version pictured

Specification: DSAM-4

Serial Ports 4 RJ45 Female
USB Port USB Type A Plug
USB Cable 3 ft USB Cable


Mounting Magnetic strip and Included Bracket
Dimensions 1.5” x 0.9” x 5.0”


Temperature 0–50° C
Humidity 0–85% RH


USB Powered from KX III, 1W Max, 5V DC

Connections Maximum of 2 DSAMs (8 ports) per KX
Limits on USB devices — See KX III documentation
MTBF (Hours) 958,745

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