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CHT-100G-CFP-LR4-10KM - Chimera Brocade Compatible Transceiver, 100G QSFP28, ultra-high speed network, LC Duplex fibre 1310nm (10KM)

CHT-100G-CFP-LR4-10KM (Brocade Compatible Transceiver) 10km

The Brocade compatible 100G-CFP-LR4-10KM 100G Transceiver modules are designed for ultra-high speed network use in a 100 Gigabit Ethernet link. The CFP unit uses 4xDFB interface connection over Single mode fibre. Digital Diagnostics functions are available on the MDIO interface and the unit is connected through LC duplex fibre connection. The Optical wavelength connection at 1310nm over a maximum transfer distance of 10KM The CFP transceiver range is fully compliant and designed within the MSA IEEE 802.3ba requirements and standards.


Ultra high speed 100Gigabit data transmissions
4XDFB interface connection
Digital Diagnostics
LC Duplex fibre connection
MSA standards for SFPs
Lifetime replacement warranty

Part Number C-100G-CFP-LR4-10KM
Compatible Brand Brocade
Device Type 100G CFP
Manufacturer Chimera
Enclosure Type CFP
Connectivity LC duplex
Data Link Protocol 4xDFB
Max_Transfer Distance 10KM
Optical Wave Length 1310nm
Mode Single mode