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MZCIM-PS2 MasterConsole Z CIM for PS2


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➤ Simple plug-and-play operation
➤ User-defined port names
➤ Password authorization
➤ On-site flash firmware upgrades
➤ User console hot-connection to any server
➤ Keep-alive keyboard/mouse emulation
➤ Support of high-resolution video – up to 1600 x 1200
➤ Automatic Video Tuning (AVT) to adjust video quality automatically
➤ Control servers up to 213 meters away
➤ Mixed multi-platform server with PS/2, USB, Sun and Sun USB interface
➤ 1 user, control of up to 64 servers


Chain and control up to 64 servers with Cat5e UTP cables up to 213 meters.

0,22 kg 50 x 101 x 25mm

Raritan's MasterConsole Z is a space-saving, flexible KVM solution that allows one user to access and manage up to 64 (PS/2, USB, Sun) servers through a daisy-chain of computer interface modules (MZCIMs), one connected to each target server.
Designed for small to medium-sized data centers, the MasterConsole Z:
➤ Saves space: Requiring only a small user station at the desktop, it works without a traditional ”switch” and therefore takes up no rack space.
➤ Simplifies installation: Its server-to-server cat5e daisy chain eliminates unwieldy server-to-switch coax cables, simplifying installation. Servers can be added anywhere in the chain at any time.
➤ Supports multiple platforms: It works with a mixture of servers having PS/2, USB and Sun interfaces. This allows one ”switchless” KVM solution to manage what previously incurred the additional cost of converters in multi-platform environments.
➤ Extends access: It can access servers up to 213 meters away over Cat5e UTP cable. It is designed to support the most challenging demands of the small to medium-size data center, where space is at a premium or where system administrators work outside the server room.
➤ Simplifies server administration: Allows administrators to select servers by user-defined names from an on-screen menu.
➤ Secures KVM access: Protects controlled servers with login and password.
➤ Supports flash upgrades: Both components (the User Station and the MZCIMs) can be upgraded, insuring the value of the initial investment against obsolescence.