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AMS-45 Asset Management Sensor Kit for 45U Height Rack. Kit of 1x Connector and 1 xRGB LED per U space

Asset Management Sensor Kit to create the side bar.

Raritan’s unique Asset Management Tags (AMTs) and Asset Management Sensors (AMSs), data center operators can now have an accurate, automated, real-time inventory of all IT assets and their locations, down to the 1U level. AMT and AMS can be combined with Raritan’s dcTrack® data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software which is designed to track assets, determine capacity in a number of areas and manage changes.

Even modest-size data centers have a large number of IT assets, from servers to storage to networking equipment, that need to be tracked. Often this is done ad hoc, using Excel® spreadsheets and Visio® diagrams which become very labor intensive. Missing just a few moves, adds or changes can quickly make a spreadsheet asset-tracking system obsolete. Often this asset information is out of date within weeks making Raritans Asset Tag Sensor system ideal, accurate and easy.

Automated asset tracking -Eliminate unreliable and labor- ntensive ad hoc procedures such as using Excel® spreadsheets and Visio® diagrams or home-grown systems that require maintenance.

Dynamic asset tracking -Dramatically improve the accuracy of your asset-tracking processes. Dramatically reduce missing moves, adds or changes with real-time asset visibility down to the 1U level.


Industrial adhesive patch on
Easily and securely attach the AMT to the top or bottom of IT assets with a quick view of the actual unique asset ID barcode. Smart tag stays with asset as asset is moved to other locations.

Unique electronic 64-bit ID
chip and matching scannable
ID barcode-
Associated with the unique ID is the IT asset’s record where a variety of asset information can be stored, including serial number, repair records, maintenance agreement terms, lease terms, etc.

Programmable multicolored
LEDs, one per 1U space-
Implement a custom-color indicator, controlled-change management process to ensure the proper activity is performed on the right device;
e.g., a red, blinking LED indicates a server maintenance request.

AMS consists of easily assembled modular segments with magnetic backing
Universally, quickly and easily magnetically mounts to existing metal rack rails, saving time.

Connects to Raritan PX®
intelligent rack PDU, PX
inline meters and EMX
environment/rack controller
Multiple deployment options offer flexibility in deployment choices, e.g. PX and EMX act as SNMP gateways for the AMS, connected via standard UTP cable and RJ-45 interconnects.

AMS is powered by a PX or EMX
An additional or external power supply is not needed, simplifying installations and saving power outlets for the IT devices themselves.

SNMP interfaces -
Standards based and open so that anySNMP manager can be compatible with AMS/AMT. Reading all asset tag IDs per rack and their physical locations within a rack. SNMP TRAP in case of an asset tag ID change event (asset tag removed, added; ID changed).

Asset Tag attached to sensor bar used with fitted in rack. These are separate parts to be ordered not included in the kit. See compatible parts

Asset Management Tag (AMT)

Unique electronic 64-bit value, 1-Wire ID chip
Unique scannable ID bar code matching the electronic ID chip
Industrial adhesive patch to attach tag to IT device
Magnetic connector to attach tag to the AMS

Asset Management Sensor (AMS)

42U, 45U, 48U and 54U rack options
Magnetic connector for AMT, one per 1U space
Multicolored LEDs, one per 1U space
Magnetically mounts to existing racks
Connects to Raritan PX intelligent rack PDU, PX inline meters and EMX environment/rack controller. (PX firmware version 2.2 or higher, EMX firmware version 2.0 or higher)
PX and EMX provide power to the AMS so no extra power supply is needed

AMS Gateway: Raritan EMX or PX

Raritan’s EMX environment/rack controller and PX rack iPDU act as the AMS SNMP gateway via standard UTP cable and RJ-45 interconnects
EMX and PX provide power to the AMS
The SNMP interface can be used by any third-party asset management system. It offers the following features:
o Reading all asset tag IDs per rack and its physical location within a rack
o SNMP TRAP in case of an asset tag ID change event
o Setting an RGB color LED indicator for each 1U slot

dcTrack Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Software

Visualize a group of cabinet elevations
View asset details such as make, model, maintenance period, current, add and edit server, and network devices
Alert for physical changes at the rack to ensure asset accuracy